Why Choose Andy Norton Freelance? 

When I first started out as a new business I was advised by many people to pretend to be a big business so I could more easily obtain clients, this was not the level of service I wanted to give I wanted to give transparency and an intimate level of service. Doing a website for a new client is only the first step on the road, I have met Graphic Designers, Craft Makers and local business who I still do business with because I know them and have a level of trust there. 

Web Services

Skills and Experience 

I have worked with computers all my life and by accident got into designing websites a few years ago and loved it, making websites fuels my passion for tweaking with things, making new things and my annoying attention to detail wanting to get things spot on. I work with a copywriter and Graphic Designer to supplement my skills keeping the costs low, I am not going to spend an hour doing something my Graphic Designer can do in 10 minutes. I focus on the look and the technical parts of the website. If you require copywriting or proofreading this is an additional service that my partner provides please contact us if you require a quote. 

Additional Services 

As well as Website Design I offer a lot of other services I have already mentioned that my partner does Copywriting and Proofreading, I however do Website administration, Social media marketing and I am a Digital Marketing Manager for quite a few different businesses. 

I also have great skills in SEO, back end optimisation and IT support so if you need to be found easier on the web, your website made faster or you want help migrating a website or setting up emails on your computer than contact me for a quote. 

I have also started teaching wordpress courses however this is only locally in Derbyshire and the dates will be published periodically on my Facebook and Twitter channels. 

Design Services