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What can Andy Norton Freelance do for you? 

SEO isn't all about who has the most relevant keywords, it is more about how friendly your website is to search engines like Google. 

This can encompass a lot of different factors, mobile friendliness, speed, google business page, google verified store, schema tags and yes keywords, no matter what aspect you are lacking in I am here to help. 

The Google internal search bar, this is something recently being added to all websites allowing people to search directly from Google and finding the page they need straight away. This is a powerful SEO tool not being implemented by many companies. I can set this up on your website for £50.00

Google business page or sitelinks, do you need a business page setting up or are sitlelinks missing on your search results. If either is the case i am here to help. I can set you up with a business page for £25.00 and I can set up sitelinks also for £25.00

Are you an e-commerce website, if so do you need to be a Google verified store I can set this up for you for £75.00