Responsive Website Design

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Have you got a responsive website ?

Do you know what a responsive website means ?


A responsive website is a website that looks good across all devices, a website responds to whatever device you are looking at it on.

In the olden times before mobiles and tablets were a lot more prevalent no one had to take account of what your website looked like on a mobile hence a lot of older websites out there are not responsive.

More than 60% of people looking at your website are looking at your site either on their phone or a tablet this is due to everyone having much busier lives.

If your site Isn’t responsive how much potential business are you losing ?

There are a couple of solutions fortunately

A. You can make a new website, as you already have a lot of content and a good customer base this just could be a fresh look website.

B. Just working on making your site responsive, this could be through mobile friendly plugins or working on making your site more mobile friendly looking at the layout and the content you have on there.

I have worked on both ways with customers so each website is different.

If you would like us to look at yours and see which way is best for you just drop us a line at

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