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If you have ever wondered what the difference between Imap VS Pop3 is this is easy to explain.



Basically IMAP is if you have several different devices, Laptop, Mobile and an Ipad.  If you want to read the same email on all of your different devices then this option is for you.

POP3 –

This is only for email on one device so say if you had received an email and the device you open first that morning is a laptop then the email will be downloaded from the server onto that device and wont be on any of your other devices.


I prefer IMAP as I am switching between different devices all day long and I dont share my devices with anyone else.

I recommend IMAP to the vast majority of my clients.

With all of my hosting and website packages you get unlimited email addresses with no extra cost, however if you want me to install email addresses on your devices for you there is an extra charge for this.

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