Website Hosting

Are you getting the most out of your current hosting solution

Package 1 - £15.00 per annum

  • A cheap reliable hosting package
  • 15 email addresses
  • Daily backed up website

This option I will set everything up for you but then it is down to you to manage.

This option is on a shared hosting server.


Package 2 - £25.00 Per Month

  • A cheap reliable hosting package
  • 15 email addresses
  • I will update any plugins you have
  • I will re-install any backups you need doing

I will set this up and run it for you.

This option is on a shared server.

Package 3 - £25.00 a month

  • A fast secure private server
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Twice Daily backed up website
  • I will update plugins and get your website back online if the unthinkable happens and it goes down
  • This is on a private server so it is much faster and not shared with hundreds of other websites.
  • As this is a private server you can do unique things like enabling keep alive which shared hosting sites don't let you do

This option will give you a very fast very secure website able to deal with the lows and highs of all traffic.


We offer the most competitive prices around were else can you get a very fast backed up private website at such a competitive price.

What are you waiting for contact me today to start the ball rolling.