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A.I and Search Engine Optimisation – 5 Strategies to Get Ahead

Despite answering millions of search enquiries for decades Google A.I consistently has to recognise new ones every minute of the day. In the past people were more likely to type in a few phrases in pursuit of answers. Nowadays, they enter more complex sentences hoping to get a more accurate result. As a result, Google […]

Best SEO Practices in 2020

People have been using SEO to gain more visitors to their sites for years. However, it is not everyone who uses the best SEO practices. A majority of online enthusiasts are making the mistake of optimizing their content for search engines and not actual clients. The problem to this strategy is that; you might rank […]

How to Write SEO-Friendly Content

A cost-effective way of promoting your business growth is by producing SEO friendly content. Search Engine Optimization helps individuals stay among the top pages in search engines. If there aren’t people visiting your website, then no matter how quality your content is, your marketing efforts will be wasted. Writing SEO friendly content will help your […]

Do You Need The Services of A Digital Consultant?

Has a friend or one of your employees suggested that you hire a digital consultant? Are you stuck wondering if you really need the services of a digital consultant? Well, you are not alone. Digital consultants are one of the most overlooked professionals in the field of marketing. This is despite how they play an […]